Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Green creativity

Green creativity without green anywhere???  Days are now longer then nights and Spring is coming but not enough soon for us. So I bought some barley seeds and rich moist earth from the shop. I covered our dinner table with old newspapers and found some nice and decorative basket to use. All ready for a little green creativity moment... 

Girls were happy to get their fingers in the earth and do some planting. Like that, Spring feels more close again:) We almost saw seeds turning green same time they were landing to the earth:) Now we just water and wait and wait and in couple of weeks our basket is hopefully going to be a green round mini field in our season table and we can decorate it with colorful self made Easter bunnies and baby chickens:)


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    1. Thank you! My daughters really love to do all these kind of things:) And me too:)